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Six volumes of non-denominational Studies in the Scriptures—A Helping Hand for Bible Students.

The whole set reveals the true God and His Plan of the Ages in a topical arrangement. It vindicates the much disbelieved Bible as a Divine Revelation to humankind by presenting the Truth of the Bible in its strength and beauty. After seeing the Truth of the Scriptures, the commonly existing errors can easily be seen as absurd, worthless and injurious.

Vol. 1: The Plan of the Ages. Gives an outline of the divine plan revealed in the Bible, relating to redemption and restitution of all people.

Vol. 2: The Time is at Hand. Treats of the manner and time of the Lord's second coming, considering the Bible Testimony on this subject

Vol. 3: Thy Kingdom Come. Considers prophecies which mark events connected with the "Time of the End", the glorification of the Church and the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom; it also contains a chapter on the Great Pyramid, showing its corroboration of the dates and other teachings of the Bible.

Vol. 4: The Day of Vengeance (The Battle of Armageddon). shows that the dissolution of the present order of things is in progress, and that all the panaceas offered are valueless to avert the predicted end. It marks in these events the fulfillment of prophecy, noting specially our Lord's great prophecy of Matthew 24 and Zechariah 14:1-9.

Vol. 5: At-One-Ment Between God and Man. Treats an all-important subject—the hub, the centre around which all the features of divine grace revolve. Its topic deserves the most careful and prayerful consideration on the part of all true Christians.

Vol. 6: The New Creation. Deals with the Creative Week (not of literal 24-hour days) of Genesis 1 and 2, and with the Church, God's "New Creation". It examines the organization, rites, ceremonies, obligations and hopes appertaining to those called and accepted as members of the Body under the Head.

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  • Creation vs. Evolution
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  • Is the Biblical account of creation true? Why has it generally been rejected? Has Darwinism provided a real alternative?

CREATION—A helping hand for Bible students. This book (585 pages; £5.00 including postage) discusses the creation of the world of spirit and the world of matter, describing in logical succession the creative process and the work of the six creative days (epochs—not literal days), culminating in man's creation. Also proves that evolution was not the method used in the creation of man.

A booklet, "The Evolution Theory Examined" (24 pages), is offered free with the book.

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